Pablo Carpio (b. Madrid, 1979) currently lives and works in Madrid. He has lived for years in New York, where he developed part of his career, and in other cities such as Berlin, Buenos Aires and Mexico City. His work explores the material possibilities of painting, developing a language, in abstract terms, that transcends the two-dimensionality of the medium and thus questions its own limits. To develop his works, Carpio elaborates a material that has become a constant in recent years, a highly dense paint paste, almost a sculptural-type material, from a mixture of acrylic pigment, sand and lime, which he applies on wood panels, with different types of spatulas and trowels, from a gestural process both instinctive and meditated. The incessant and intense commitment that the artist maintains with painting, added to his original use of materials, gives his artistic practice a radically differentiating element. His works, with a powerful presence, inhabit the space with an exuberant physicality, of an organic and sculptural appearance, which is built on the basis of sophisticated and bold chromatic compositions, where the color expands in volume, acquiring a singular and remarkable tactile quality. Apart from any type of visual representation, issues related to perception, movement and the sensory emerge from his works, allowing the viewer to wander around its surroundings almost as if something were happening before us, awakening in the mind a kind of timeless scenarios, atmospheres, dream natures and fragments of indeterminate landscapes. 


He was a recipient of the  Artist Mentoring Program (IAP) of the New York Foundation for the Arts (2013). His works have been exhibited nationally and internationally in spaces such as: New York Foundation for the Arts (New York, 2013), Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation (New York, 2013), Waterfall Mansion & Gallery (New York, 2014), the 3rd Edition of the Biennial o Visual Arts Areatec (Buenos Aires, 2014), Petit Palace Savoy Alfonso XII (Madrid, 2016), Estampa Art Fair, (2021), 80 Valdepeñas Visual Arts International Exhibition (2019), Deji Art Museum (Nanjing, China, 2021), Paul Smith Store & Gallery (London, 2022), Cerquone Gallery (Caracas, 2021 Madrid, 2019, 2022) or Palau de Casavells (Girona, 2022). Recently shortlisted for the 36th edition of the BMW Painting Award. His works can be found in private collections and institutions internationally.